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January 21, 2015

Aye… sorry Nye

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This is the great Dr Teoh Tiong Ann from Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. My sports tear hernia has been dealt with by one of the best laparoscopic surgeons. I love this man. I’m fixed.

A perk of the job? Whatever, this man is a genius. And I am very lucky. I am told about the surgery I received as a child in the 60s. As he dealt with my unrelated hernia he looked upon it as a challenge to work through the detrius of 50 years ago and improve on the repair work of that time. His work leaves an inch long puncture wound under my belly button and two more small puncture wounds in my abdomen. Compared to the past site, a 15 cm open surgery scar, it is nothing. Of course I’m asleep when all this is going on but have some amazing pictures to prove it. But, I never knew hospital theatres were freezing cold. 

I am told I am Highlander. Operated on in the evening, I am discharged and on the street the next day at eleven. Well, I don’t want to live forever but I’d like to run again.

I was not allowed to fly home until the gas in my intestines had dissipated.  I read up that you should try and walk as soon as possible after the surgery. When I return for a check-up before flying home I mentioned to Dr Teoh I want to run a marathon in under four hours. When could I start running again? He laughs when I tell him I walked to the art museum the day before. He said Singapore citizens don’t walk anywhere. I am told six weeks. No football, ever again, the cause of my hernia. At 50 I can live with that.

I’ve never been enamoured with Singapore. Even with our family’s past connections I have felt little affinity to the place. Too clinical, safe and smug – and full of non-Asian narcissists. However, I can recommend three places. My insurance didn’t cover flights and accommodation. I found a place to stay just off Orchard Road called Lloyd’s Inn that turned out to great.

This was a very reasonably priced place. I wish I’d known about it for the marathon. Breakfast was a voucher for a couple of places on Killiney Road.


And, I’ve always admired the Singapore Art Museum building but never had the time to visit. It was originally St Joseph’s Catholic Boy’s School opened in 1855. Last Wednesday I waited for the doors to open at 10am and practically had the place to myself. I was not disappointed by the building nor the artwork. Cool place but didn’t appreciate all the stairs. Much of the space was assigned to finalists of the Asia Pacific Breweries Foundation Signature Art Prize.

My favourite…


Eskimo Wolf Trap often quoted in sermons.

By Robert Zhao Renhui from Singapore.

Very simply a blood-coated knife, hilt down, in bicarbonate soda  – that represented snow. It depicted a parable about how a snow wolf can be trapped by its inherent bloodlust. I’d never heard the story before. Basically, the trap is a knife covered in frozen seal’s blood. A wolf seeks out the smell and once it feels safe begins licking the knife – a tempting carnivore’s popsicle. Its tongue becomes numb as it continues to lick the frozen blade. It does not feel the cuts to its own tongue as the blade becomes exposed and even enjoys the taste of its own warm blood. The wolf eventually weakens, drinking itself to death on its own blood. Once I knew the story the installation managed to capture the moment of anticipation brilliantly. Great artistic metaphor, or was it the painkillers?


Permanent artwork included this clever instillation using only shampoo bottle tops. Shadow was created by how far the cap had been pressed open. How many hotels had this bloke stayed in?


Great museum.

Also some interesting work outside the malls on Orchard Road. I liked these big jelly babies.


Finally, I can recommend the Trattoria Lafiandra outside the museum. Great wee Italian with take-it-or-leave-it attitude. Good, quick food.

Very soon we will back using the NHS. Very soon we will be back in the real world. But I’ll be running better.


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