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October 20, 2013


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There’s no doubt in my mind that one of the biggest benefits of teaching abroad is the travel. Andy has been on sports trips to Thailand and Malaysia and in the half term break this year I got to go to Nepal. To be truthful it was my idea to go and I organised the trip as part of the International Award Gold level adventurous journey so I did play a large part in the final destination. ┬áSuch a beautiful country to explore with my 14 students and 2 colleagues.

We flew to Kathmandu and after a day acclimatising and getting equipped with sleeping bag and down jacket we then flew up to Pokharra (pictured above). This journey alone was an adventure: a tiny 28 seater propeller aeroplane which flew just above the cloud line and parallel with the Ganesha mountain range, it had it’s very own air steward complete with huge false eyelashes and a magician’s ability to produce boiling water for a steaming cup of coffee. Once the ‘service’ was completed she then announced that “in honour of the Deshai holiday a draw will be made.” She had a bag with everyone’s seat number on a slip of paper. The tension built …”seat 7A is the winner”. One of my students received a beautiful basket of Nepalese goodies! She later gave it to the ladies working in our first tea house stay.

Pokharra is a lakeside village and we ended our trek there but to start our 4 day journey we drove out and up above the town. We passed the


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