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September 2, 2011

Kite Museum

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We have just had a wonderful visit to the Museum Layang-Layang Indonesia. When Lucas was told we were venturing out to find the Indonesian Kite Museum, and all that it displayed were kites, his response was, boring. Even if we did manage to find the museum we only knew from a guide-book that it displayed – a collection of kites, traditional and modern from all corners of the archipelago as well as from other countries. 

Once we had paid our admission ( a $ each) we were shown to a room to watch a video. Not a great start but interesting in parts. We walked  through the courtyard to the museum itself. Housed in a couple of rooms were kites and memorabilia from kite festivals. Incredible sizes and designs. We are shown the instrument ( a wind harp) that is often attached to a kite producing sound as the wind passes over it. The sound is the same as the drone we often hear outside our apartment when somebody is flying their kite. The noise could be recreated (see Cairo below) by moving the harp quickly through the air. 

Then it all becomes magical. We are asked to sit in the museum courtyard and kite making materials are given to the boys. The frame is ready-made but they have to glue the paper on to the frame, make their own design and attach the strings. Both boys delighted with the results. Lucas still out flying his kite around Country Woods. Beautiful setting and as I check the toilets…  I anticipate a Year 1 visit.  

Does this child look bored?



  1. Lovely description of the visit to the kite museum.Id love to see Lucas flying his kite We send our love Judy and Alec

    Comment by Judy Inglis — September 9, 2011 @ 3:51 am | Reply

  2. Smiling as I read this… oh yes doesn’t he look just the picture of boredom??!!! Started in Yr 3 full time this week and am shattered, especially after “Meet-the-Teacher” this afternoon 🙂 I have missed you this week Andy… neither of my girls has a Scottish teacher this year… Alexa is missing Lucas. She has also lost Elisa, who has moved to Dubai. I am teaching a couple of Lucas’ friends this term – Finn, Omar O etc.

    Comment by Brigitte — September 15, 2011 @ 2:48 am | Reply

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