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June 10, 2011


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The house and studio for the artist Mohamed Allam. We are not a restaurant or a club or a touristy village. We are an Egyptian experiment. So states the sign inside Fagnoon.

Our boys are veteran visitors to Fagnoon. They have both been many times with the school or with friends. Our home contains artistic creations brought back from previous visits. Today, Shona and I experienced the Art School for the first time as we went with our boys, accompanied with a friend each.  Fagnoon is an amazing place. I now regret not visiting sooner – as I would have used this resource with my students each year. The site is on the Sakhara Road. A multitude of shaded wooden areas on different levels, painted and tiled. The biggest den in the world. Sculpture and experimental pieces everywhere. In designated areas, children can work with metal, or wood, paint on glass or tiles, paint a clay pot or work with clay on a potter’s wheel. As they wait for materials to dry, or harden, they can swing on the ropes and climb the tree-house structures or play hide-and-seek within the grounds. Over a small canal, the view from the edge of the garden, before it resorts back to farm-land, is of a couple of pyramids. A potter sits in this deserted garden, creating miniature vases and pots for no apparent reason or audience.

The boys chose to do metal-work. They paint on glass and on ceramic tiles. Four young boys enjoying a morning. Focused on a task – then unleashed within the grounds. A great experiment.


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  1. sounds like heaven!!!!

    Comment by linda — June 12, 2011 @ 11:29 am | Reply

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