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December 14, 2010

Flaxen Pants

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The boys are a bit lost this week without the family matriarch. We have been out and about a bit but have been unsuccessful in exploring  some of the things on our to do list.  Today we headed for Moez Street. We wanted to explore in daylight the complex of Sultan Qalawun and visit the textile museum highlighted in Horus (the in-flight magazine for Egypt Air) last April.

We were amazed to see what must be the earliest example (1500 bc) of a diaper (including liner) found in a family tomb at Deir El Medina in Luxor.  A loin cloth belonging to Tutankhamun. Very personal when you come face to face with other people’s underwear. Just incredible how well the textiles have stood the test of time. We were also interested in the pieces from the Qiswa, the sacred cloth covering the Kaaba (in Mecca) that is changed annually. Up until quite recently, the cloth was a gift annually offered by Egypt. Great wee museum, well worth a visit. Lucas found the face depicted on the ticket while cruising the display cases. The building itself is a wonderful example of a sabil (water fountain)  charitably built by the wealthy to supply water to anyone in Islamic Cairo who was thirsty. This one was commissioned by Mohamad Ali in 1828.

The Qalawun complex was impressive once again but not as magical as coming across it at night. Beautifully restored doors and flooring. Many tourists missing out on this treasure on their way to and from the Khan.

A few days ago we were downtown to see if the Manial Palace was open. It wasn’t. However we noticed that an old building close to the river, that has always intrigued us, has acquired a quite magnificent roof. If this, the Qalawan and the Pasha’s sabil are the shape of things to come in the  restoration,  function and celebration of Cairo’s magnificent architecture, there is hope.



  1. It sounds as though you have all been busy whilst Shona has been away. Not long now til she’s back with her family in sunny egypt, with no need for thermals 🙂 I now have 2 lovely new smiley photo’s of my handsome nephews, Cairo & Lucas. Lovely 🙂 Luv Shari xx

    Comment by Shari — December 16, 2010 @ 5:42 pm | Reply

  2. what an intriguing unfinished roof and the worlds oldest nappy – fantastic

    Comment by ian fraser — December 18, 2010 @ 5:04 pm | Reply

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