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May 24, 2010

Hospitable Groundcrew

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Year 1 have just returned from a quite remarkable fieldtrip to Cairo International Airport. I don’t know if any other International Airport in the world would be so generous with their time and resources as The Cairo Airport Company and Egypt Air in-flight Services were with theirs today. I don’t think a trip like this would even get off the ground anywhere else. Thanks Cairo.


 We arrived at the new terminal and were ushered inside. Once through security we were escorted around Terminal 3 and shown the check-in facilities, the duty-free shopping area and a departure gate. Once again some of our children’s fitness and stamina for walking left a lot to be desired, even with the moving walkways. We were then shown on to our own personal shuttle-bus that took us around the terminal and out to the cargo village. We stopped beside one of the aircraft not daring to hope that we might be allowed to board it. We then visited the fire station and watched the fire engines demonstrate their powerful jets of water. Then on to the private terminal and then the In-flight Services building. We were met with sugar-frosted glasses of fruit juice and the children walked around the foyer looking at the large model aircraft. A quick film in the auditorium showing the preparation and distribution of in-flight meals required for the large number of aircraft using the airport. Then lunch. We had assumed this would be sandwiches having made our choices last week. No. The children seated at large round tables with linen tablecloths and napkins. A centre decoration made out of chocolate and filled with biscuits. Airline catering trolleys wheeled out and the children served a hot meal with loads of additions. A quite incredible fieldtrip.

Perhaps Lucas is the best person to tell you of what he thought..

We saw the fire trucks spraying water and also underneath the truck – in case there is a fire underneath  the truck and it might burst the tyres. We went to the private place (terminal) for private planes and helicopters. We went to the place where they make the food. We ate chicken and ketchup and chocolate biscuits. It was served in an aeroplane trolley and my food was in a tray – just like on the plane. We went inside a cargo plane. It had these wheel things, rollers, on the floor so they could push the boxes in and out. We went on a shuttle bus to the fire station and the cargo plane. We watched a film of how they made the food. We got goody bags to take back to school. The trip was fun. A lot of people work at the airport. This was the best trip in year 1.




    I think we’ve found Lucas’ calling: airplan pilot / flight attendant / air traffic controller?

    Beats my creche’s trip to Prestwick airport in the late 1970s (aged 4 perhaps) and not even seeing a plane!

    Comment by Alistair — May 29, 2010 @ 2:16 pm | Reply

  2. What a trip ! Only in Egypt could it happen, Loved Lucas’s descriptions, works really well that …

    Comment by Gordon Fraser — September 24, 2010 @ 3:13 pm | Reply

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