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May 22, 2010

Writers and Riders

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We are very frustrated at the moment not having a telephone connection at home. We can’t blog from home anymore so it has been a few weeks since we last posted. Our relationship with our landlord has become very strained – to the extent that we are moving to a new apartment on the first of July.

The last few weeks have been quite exciting here at school and in Cairo. Through connections in the British Council the school was visited recently by the writer Anthony Horowitz. Cairo devours his books and rereads them on an almost continuous basis.


Last Thursday we all went to hear the dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah at Al Azhar Park. He was charming and extremely entertaining. The Genaina theatre was a fantastic location at the foot of the old walled city. We all sat outdoors in the returning warmth, a packed audience enjoying the poetry and politics. Lucas loved his turkey poem.

The day after it was another late night as we all went to Giza to see the Red Bull X Fighters perform in front of The Sphinx. Not something we would normally make a point of going to see but the location was different and the tickets quite reasonable. Real showmanship from these gymnasts on motorbikes. Incredible stunts performed to loud music. I don’t know how long this link will last so  Click here  I didn’t take my camera so the pictures are borrowed from the showing a One Hand Indy and a Double Hart Attack Indy! I’m sure we all sat with our mouths open for most of the night. The highlight was a performance called the gravy train where the riders who had failed to make the final simultaneously jumped from one side of the arena to the other. Made the final a bit of an anti-climax.

The boys post:

I was part of the  committee chosen to speak to Anthony Horowitz. He asked us questions to find out what life in an International School in Cairo is like, for his next book. This book is going to be set in Egypt with Alex Rider at school in Cairo. He signed Snakehead for me. Anthony Horowitz said his favourite Alex Rider book was the first one, Stormbreaker.  (Cairo)

The motorbikes were awesome. They did tricks. One of them went up in the air and flipped. The track was small. The best bit was when a man went up in the air and put his hands on the saddle and when he lay down on his bike. They showed us the riders on camels at the start. It was funny. (Lucas)


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