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April 13, 2010

Zoser’s Place

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Cairo’s birthday today results in a road trip to Saqqara. His choice, so we drive 32 km out of Cairo from Giza. We have been to the site a few times, being the finish for the Pharaonic Run, but we have never visited the biggest archeological site in Egypt. The step pyramid’s picture also adorns each bottle of Sakara Gold I drink, so this paying of respect is well overdue. Took us a while to get there, as we missed the turn-off and went by a more scenic route, stopping at Abu Sir to ask directions from the sleeping guides and promising to return.

We wanted to visit the Imhotep Museum, named after the architect who started the whole pyramid building craze by designing the step pyramid for Pharaoh Zoser back in 2650 BC or thereabouts. He is often called the father of architecture. The museum does not disappoint. The first stone frieze, of magnificent cobras, the first stone archway and an architects sketch done on stone. A magnificent wooden painted head, the oldest mummy and a cosmetic stone vessel in the shape of a Nile carp. A goldfish carved over 4000 years ago.  Beautifully designed and the incredible artefacts brilliantly displayed. In to the car and we drive, climbing up to North Saqqara. Instead of turning to the car park we head for the Serapeum to find out if it is open. Under the dirt road is a buried avenue of sphinxes.

The Serapeum is closed for restoration, a couple of months we are told. We pass a semi-circle concrete slab ( like a Hellenistic bus shelter), underneath a group of broken statues called the Philosophers circle. Plato or Homer is anyone’s guess, but Ramses is not one as a policeman suggests, they are slowly being neglected as the sand and rubbish encroaches. We park and walk to the Mastaba of Ti. The boys delight in climbing down in to the burial chamber encouraging Shona to follow. We drive over to the main car park and walk around the funerary complex and up close to the pyramid. Something amazing about this site requiring some more visits.



  1. what a holiday you are having!!!!!, lovely to see the boys encouraging Shona

    Comment by ianandlinda — April 13, 2010 @ 8:30 pm | Reply

  2. happy birthday Cairo. Luv Shari x

    Comment by Shari — April 14, 2010 @ 11:19 am | Reply

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