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September 29, 2009

Forty Four and Fourth

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I returned home late on Sunday night from Jordan having run the Petra half marathon.  Great weekend but a very tough run. Putting ‘ultra’ in front of half marathon seemed to allow for an increase in  the distance run and the gradients climbed.  A lot of the kilometres run on Saturday were long and torturous. 

This was a run for the wealthy. It cost me 200 euros to enter.  I flew to Amman and then got the bus down to Petra. Most had paid for very expensive packages,transport and were staying in the very best hotels. We walked through the Siq at dawn to the start at the Treasury which was amazing. However, there was very little opportunity to see much more of the site once the run started. We left Petra after about 5 kilometers at the Beduin school, then climbed a mountain before circling the town and descending steeply to the finish. Very surprised to hear it announced that I was fourth.

I then headed down to Aqaba to spend some time with Iain Benzie and his lovely family and then headed back to Cairo on Sunday. Pictures are from marathon-photos, a company who charge 38 euros for a photograph of yourself. I’ve just borrowed some for a bit.  A race for the rich. Petra, I will definately need to revisit with guidebook, time and family.

September 19, 2009

Yer Goose is Cooked Son

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We took Gordon to the Egyptian Museum today. Back in May I found this statue in the Roman Room and thought it was fantastic. I dutifully checked my camera in at the front gate today but I got to use Gordon’s who had inadvertently concealed his in his trousers. Ideal smuggling conditions as the museum was full of tourists.  The body language is great – no facial expressions required to read in to the scenario.  Shona adds: once we arrived back at New Cairo, Gordon and the boys had a mammoth wrestling session whilst she cooked roast chicken, potatoes and stuffing. Not cooked goose – but just as yummy.

We took Gordon to the gate of Bab Zweila and he climbed to the top of the iron staircase. The views were clear across the city. On his last night we hired a feluca and watched the sun go down. Haste ye back Gordon.

September 18, 2009

Frasers on Camels

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how much

Following in his father’s footsteps Gordon decided to take a camel back to the car from the Giza plateau this afternoon. After a wee bit of haggling over the price (‘pay what you like’) He was taken round the side of the sphinx and then dumped for 20LE. He was guided around the solar boat museum by Lucas. Very hot today. Good to have him with us.

September 9, 2009

Back to School

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It seems a while since we blogged. Intended to post before leaving for Scotland but spent the first week of the holiday at Moonbeach and then unexpectedly moving all our belongings into our new flat on the evening of our departure to Scotland.

We had a wonderful time in Scotland catching up with family and friends. We have been back in Cairo for two weeks but have only just got round to establishing an internet link in our new place. Busy at school and getting back into usual routines. Cairo starts his Youth Soccer League training and games this weekend. Very much looking forward to seeing Gordon next week and taking him around the city.

Our third year.

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