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December 22, 2008

Canon Shots

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Our Olympus digital camera, responsible for most of the pictures on our blog over the last year, has finally (but reluctantly) been put to rest. I continued to rely on it up until last week, despite it often mulfunctioning just at the wrong time, a dodgy battery and  parts that popped out due to broken hinges and catches. The Olympus has recorded much of our lives over the last few years. It was so easy to use discretely, took reasonable photograhs and did not (constantly) put pressure on you to take a photograph to justify having it.  It was a bit too slow at capturing images, especially people, but it served us well.

copy-of-habu3 copy-of-felucca-mast2

 My interest in taking photographs again has increased a little since starting to record our stay in Cairo on our blog diary. Perhaps I reminisce too much for my old Kyocera camera (bought in Abu Dhabi souk at the start of the nineties) changing lenses, loading 35mm film (often black and white)adjusting aperture, focusing… and the satisfying sound of the shutter opening and closing. Then winding on the film until it was finished, popping it into a cylindrical plastic case and then the expectation, luck as well as ability, hoping there were a few stunning photographs to merit the development of the film. I do.


I thought about buying an expensive camera this time and being a little bit more in control of taking photographs but decided to remain with a (more up to date) small point and shoot. Shona’s folks brought me over my new Canon Ixus 80. I must admit I paid extra for the chocolate option. I don’t know if the photographs on this post are any good. Upper Egypt has been photographed a billion times since the invention of the camera but it was an excellent place to see what the Canon could do.

copy-of-sphynx-row2 copy-of-hatshepsut-face3

I will record what we did on our trip to Luxor and some shots of the family on the next post.


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