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June 19, 2008

Eighteen Flavors

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    Eighteen Flavors    By Shel Silverstein 

      Eighteen luscious, scrumptious flavors

      Chocolate, lime and cherry,

      Coffee, pumpkin, fudge banana

      Caramel cream and boysenberry.

      Rocky road and toasted almond,

      Butterscotch, vanilla dip,

      Butter brickle, apple ripple,

      Coconut and mocha chip,

      Brandy peach and lemon custard,

      Each scoop lovely, smooth and round,

      Tallest ice cream cone in town,

      Lying there (sniff) on the ground.


I don’t often write about school but we had great fun in year 1 this week exploring this poem. I set them a homework task at the start of the week to recreate the tallest ice cream cone in town – to be in for today. They could do a picture, computer design or model. The results were outstanding. Maria’s paper-mache cone (above) took centre stage but some other creations were brilliant. Adam downloaded a picture of a top-heavy cone and then added sweets (can you spot the polos?) to make it three-dimensional. Brandyn took all his mum’s cotton wool pads (did she go to bed with all her make-up on last night?) to make his.

I also include a couple of our sculptures inspired by our visit to the Modern Art Museum in Cairo.


Cairo’s class had their assembly today that was most enjoyable. He read out his Haiku (on ants) very well to such a large audience and then played a dalek in a Doctor Who spoof.


Living underground

Occupying the planet

Giant colony

by Cairo Davidson



  1. Well done to Cairo! Great idea for the poem. May pass on the paper mache on the week before the hols!!

    Comment by Nicola — June 22, 2008 @ 2:38 pm | Reply

  2. My mouth is watering with the poem and accompanying paper mache visual. Deelish!

    I loved your poem too Cairo. Well done my clever eldest nephew. x

    Comment by Shari — June 23, 2008 @ 1:27 pm | Reply

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