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April 26, 2008

Recent News (thrown) from the Street

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At last, this morning, we got to meet Tariq our local newspaper delivery man. We usually hear him and (smell) his machine rather than see him. When we do get a glimpse of him in action, as we walk to school, Tariq is awesome to see at work around the neighborhood. He delivers our Guardian Weekly on a Thursday without stopping. Usually sucking on the obligatory Cleopatra cigarette and travelling at about 20 mph, avoiding piles of rubble and holes in the road, he can get a newspaper, selected from sidecar while travelling, on to a third storey balcony with ease. He never stops while delivering in the morning but we met today to pay our bill. Luke Skywalker going- to -manual on approach to the Deathstar would produce a few smoke-rings from Tariq no doubt. We have never seen or heard of him missing with a newspaper. Our front patio is childsplay. Speaking of which…

Especially for Linda, here are some pics of our newly laid patio and front door path. As you can see we have banished the mud from the front door and given ourselves some space in the back garden for paddling pools and garden furniture (when I finally find the wicker shop I once glimpsed from a speeding cab). Lucas had friends round after nursery on Tuesday and they had great fun in the pool. The only negative apect of the ‘great outdoors’ is the number of sand flies but we hope to solve this by getting some fly traps from the school gardeners. Looking forward to your next visit Ian and Linda. We should have somewhere for you to sit by then.

Cairo had a great birthday party last week with some friends from school. Andy took them up to the playing field and they had a mini highland games. The boys got to toss the caber and take part in a tug-o-war. They had so much fun that they came back to the house just as all their parents arrived to collect them and I had to force feed sandwiches into them. I made a huge chocolate cake in the style of a Highland Games field and had about half of it left after the party. I decided that there was no way I was having that in the house (for me to eat) so the next day I took it all to school and shared it out at a department meeting. When Cairo came home from school he asked for a slice of his cake and I had to confess that it had all gone. He was very disappointed. I am a terrible mother! Cairo loved all of his presents and a huge thank you to everyone who organised gifts for him. He really appreciates your thoughtfulness.


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  1. Mmmm. that chocolate cake looks yummy doo. The party boys looked as though they were having a great time. love Lucas’ tummy 🙂 Patio looks really nice. Oh to live in a nice warm country, that’s what it says to me. Must be exciting raising different sun and heat loving plants, etc. Tariq looks lovely and friendly. Hi to boys. x

    Comment by Shari — April 26, 2008 @ 9:44 pm | Reply

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