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March 15, 2008

Zamalek 0 Ahli 2

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Glasgow can’t boast about being the setting for the most emotionally charged derby in world football. If there was a way of measuring fanaticism I think the supporters of these two teams would be off the scale. Such is the intensity of the game and the importance attached to the result a foreign referee is brought in to avoid accusations of official bias. Ahmed, a lovely young man who works at the school managed to secure (at black-market prices) tickets for last nights game. I already have experience of Cairo’s traffic congestion so decided to book a school minibus to take us there. I was informed by transport office that to be sure of being in the ground for kick-off at 7:30 pm we would have to leave at 4 pm. Ahmed, myself and Cairo, Sherif and Nasser were sitting in the ground with 2 hours to go before the game was meant to start. Thousands had already been in the stadium for an hour. The atmosphere was just incredible. Singing, dancing, fireworks, drums and flags popping out of a crowd squashed into sections where a ticket does not guarantee you a seat. I’ve tried to capture it on camera but it just doesn’t do the whole spectacle justice. Cairo handled it brilliantly as he is struggling with a tummy bug. There is always a risk going to these events but at no time did we feel unsafe. Indeed it was refreshing to experience such fanaticism that was exuberant without being alcohol-fuelled or nasty.



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  1. Wow – sounds amazing. The stadium looks huge like the one which held Alistair’s graduation in Ohio.
    Cairo did well to sit through the whole things with a tummy bug – hope he is over that now.
    Great description.


    Comment by Linda — March 15, 2008 @ 8:06 am | Reply

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