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February 22, 2008

Tatooine (Star Wars) or Wadi al-Hitan

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 Today we set off early for a trip to The Western Desert and the Valley of the Whales. The journey was long, cramped and bladder testing and when we arrived at Wadi al-Hitan the promise of some whale bones did not set the heather on fire. Jut before we stopped we passed a newly constructed helicopter landing pad used recently by Mrs. Mubarak on a visit to this World Heritage Site. Enviously we thought that flying was an excellent way to visit this Wadi because after four hours in a bus these bones would have to sing and dance.  However some decent toilets and lunch revived our spirit of adventure. The fossils are not really whales but amphibious mammals from 40 million years ago. We also saw fossilized mangrove roots shown in the first photograph. Is it just me or does it look like a whale’s tail above the surface of a sea of sand? By far the most spectacular (and revitalising) memory of the visit was the landscape itself. The boys did well to walk round the site; there is also photographic evidence of Shona being on the trip. The boys had great fun climbing the dunes before we left. Before leaving the park we visited a waterfall (the only one in Egypt) at Wadi Rayan’s azure lakes. Unfortunately the camera’s batteries were dead by this time. We then prepared for the arduous journey back to Cairo. Worth it.



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