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February 8, 2008


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Germans and their influence upon Cairo have loomed large in our experiences over the last few days.

Meet Madam Leila. Year 1 did on a visit to the Sun Bird Cultural Garden, on Mansouriah Road, near Giza yesterday. Madam Leila (I think a definate descendant from Rommel’s visit to the area in the late 30s & early 40s)  runs the garden and is an absolute bampot. Madam Leila scared me. When I left school yesterday morning unable to find the school secretary to get me the money to pay for the visit I was not too concerned. I thought the Sun Garden would just bill the school  and I would apologise for any inconvenience.

No. While experiencing the tour it was clear that an apology would not go down too well with this manic woman. She shouted from the moment we arrived and her manner scared some of the more sensitive children. She insisted that all the children fed her ducks so that after a few minutes, and 34 children throwing armfulls of green stuff into the bird’s enclosure, we were struggling to see them under the weeds.  We did have a wonderful visit feeding animals and planting cuttings. My line manager insisted that the children wear protective gloves if handling Egyptian soil – well touching anything Egyptian to be honest. Yes, my thoughts entirely. However it did make for a rather spectacular photo as I ask them to show me if they were ready to plant.

As to getting out I had to resort to asking the accompanying class mums to empty their purses to collect the necessary ransom. Before we left and while the children ate lunch in her beautiful garden, Madam Leila made me a pancake with her own home-made molasses. ‘Business is business’ she said with a wink. Great personality and a great woman. Children need to experience such eccentricity I think.

Today Shona and I ran the Pyramidenlauf 2008. This is an 8km race organised by the German community to raise money for Christian charities in Egypt. It started at the smallest of the three pyramids at Giza out into the desert and back. It was very well attended and open to all nationalities, ages and abilities. Must be up there as one of the most spectacular backdrops to a running event.

Our thanks to Cairo (our very own Runner’s World photographer) for the pictures.


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  1. well done with the run sis. Way to go! Weather looks lovely…i’m so jealous!

    Comment by Shari — February 11, 2008 @ 1:50 pm | Reply

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