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February 1, 2008

Pyramids with parents!

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pyramids-frm-citadel.jpg     yes-ive-been-inside.jpgdashur-1.jpgluc-leaves-dashur-tomb.jpg

We had a wonderful time with Ian and Linda (and Laura for a few days). We saw up close so many places we had seen from afar and the pyramids were by far the best. Firstly we went to see two pyramids at Dashur – the bent one and the red one. When we arrived it was so early that there were only a handful of cars and buses. We all ran up the steps as quickly as possible to go inside – and lots of us did go inside the pyramid to see the chamber – but not me. Halfway down the rickety, unlit ladder inside the narrow, evil smelling descent I got scared and as Andy was nowhere near me to make me go I turned round and climbed thankfully back into the light. The boys enjoyed it and whilst I was waiting for their return I heard one tourist comment, “There’s a wee lad running around in there having a great time”. Lucas – I guess! Cairo, too, was delighted to have been inside a pyramid at last.

The second set of pyramids were quite different from the calm and quiet of Dashur. Giza has three pyramids and the Sphinx so it was very busy with tour buses and a lot of cars. However the site is huge and at no point did we feel crowded or have our view impinged in any way. Unfortunately, due to the passage of thousands of years, the site doesn’t look anything like The Mummy movie but it is incredibly impressive.


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