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February 1, 2008

Arabic lessons

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I have, at last, started Arabic lessons. They are twice a week at night and are really enjoyable. I now know how to say “where is the hospital?” in a soviet gulag style voice as the teacher was a huge woman with a severe face who intoned “mustashfa” with the intonation on the m, tash, fa. I don’t know how I managed to keep a straight face but I did control myself long enough to repeat it three times. Apparently she was just a stand in teacher and we get to meet the real teacher this Sunday. Knowing how to say “where is the hospital?” is not really that useful (in my humble opinion) as by now we know where the hospitals are but when I asked how to say “turn right” (to a taxi driver for example) I was informed that this was too complicated to learn. I can say right, left, straight ahead and lots of other, social nicety words to taxi drivers and other workers but I do feel like I am speaking pidgin as I can only say the word rather than a full sentence. Learning how to put sentences together is what I really need, and I did learn that at my first lesson, so I really shouldn’t disparage the teacher too much – or else she’ll send me away!


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