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December 17, 2007

This is now a burger!

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picture-004.jpg p1010109.jpgp1010163.jpgp1010164.jpg

We have been seeing many sheep and cows being transported across the city in the last week. Amazing to see a cow balancing for dear life in the back of a pick-up truck or sheep being driven through the city centre  – or resting by the kerb as traffic flies past. We saw a gang of workers on Saturday chasing a cow around a building site , the cow perhaps sensing the purpose of it’s journey and short tenure on the second floor balcony of a newly constructed house. Eid, or a holiday, approaches but as the duck in the film Babe proclaimed, ‘ Christmas (substitute Eid) means Carnage!’ For luck and a wee bit of a mess – lots of throats will be slit on Wednesday and blood used as the new magnolia on walls, cars, trucks and whatever else requires a hand-print in red for luck. Might be a bit of cooking and eating of the poor beast afterwards. Not joking when we describe rooftops of desirable properties turned over to/as temporary stables and last request postings.  We will be in Aswan as the blood flows so might get more of a rustic slaughter on show or be secure behind the bar in the Movenpick. As a vegetarian I feel obliged to drink beer.

December 25th.

The cow in the second picture was delivered to our basement on Tuesday afternoon. On our return from Aswan there was no evidence of it ever being downstairs. While in Aswan we were able to see a master butcher at work and view an assortment of animal parts available for purchase. As a vegetarian I feel obliged….


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